Identification of significant topics

GRI: 102-44, 102-46, 102-47, 102-49, 103-1

The Company considers the international standard ISO 26000:2010 defining main topics of social responsibility (organizational management, human rights, labor practices, environment, good business practices, relationships with consumers, participation in life of the communities and their development) as the basis to determine a set of indicators for this Report.

All topics included in this standard were reflected in this Report. To prepare the Report, a project team was organized consisting of representatives of all related structural units of the Company. The project team’s main tasks included clarifying approaches to information disclosure, interacting with structural units in the course of collecting information for the report, mapping significant GRI topics, and determining the boundaries of their disclosure. Report preparation traditionally included analysis of expert community feedback, study of Sustainable Development Reports of comparable companies, and analysis of media publications. Research results showed the importance of disclosing the following topics in the Report: