Development of Operating Regions

GRI 413-1

Development of Operating Regions

Zarubezhneft JSC contributes to sustainable development of the regions where it is present as an employer, a taxpayer, and an essential economic actor.

In terms of cooperation with the regions, emphasis is put on developing local initiatives and social activism. Zarubezhneft Group has been cooperating constructively with local authorities and public organizations. The subsidiaries annually conclude agreements with regional administrations for joint regional development activities.

The Group provides support to socially vulnerable groups and implements social and charitable projects in health care, education, improving housing conditions, culture, sports, and developing social infrastructure.

Zarubezhneft Group operates in a range of countries. Financial and economic details, by footprint regions, are presented in the table belowThe list of indicators was defined based on the recommendations of Transparency International..

Zarubezhneft JSC Indicators for the Year Ending December 31, 2019, MM RUBAs of March 16, 2020.
Total Russian Federation Socialist Republic of Vietnam Republic of Cuba Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republika Srpska) Other
1. Income disclosure 249,180 152,290 63,571 501 32,470 350
2. Capital expenditure disclosure 39,109 19,152 18,719 861 261 117
3. Profit for the year 7,251 16,445 2,485 −1,047 −10,278 −353
4. Income tax costs 13,740 3,790 9,898 20 31 1
5. Amount of public contribution/charitable donations 244 149 95 0.4