Interaction with the stakeholders

Interaction with the stakeholders

GRI: 102-12, 102-40, 102-42, 102-43

Zarubezhneft JSC strives for interaction with all stakeholders to maintain and establish constructive relations during project implementation.

The cooperation agreement on the economic and social development of the Nenets Autonomous Area concluded between Zarubezhneft JSC subsidiary JC RUSVIETPETRO LLC and the Administration of the Nenets Autonomous Area has been valid since 2009. This agreement states specific areas and the volume of the Company’s investment in the region’s social infrastructure.

Since 2017, the Guidelines on Conduct in the Territories of Traditional Use of Natural Resources by Indigenous Minorities of the North have been in force in Zarubezhneft-Dobycha Kharyaga LLC.

In order to increase the Company’s transparency for stakeholders, on August 6, 2019, tabletop exercises (TE) were held at the Kharyaga field to check the readiness of the Zarubezhneft-Dobycha Kharyaga LLC non-professional emergency response team (NPERT) and to train the field services groups in the localization and liquidation of a conditional oil spill resulting from depressurization of the export pipeline at segment Well Cluster 108 – Head Oil Gathering Plant. More than 50 persons and 10 special-purpose vehicles participated in the TE. The Company clearly demonstrated its commitment to minimize the risk of oil spills and protect the environment. Among those invited were representatives of the Reindeer Herders Union of the Nenets Autonomous Area and the regional social movement Yasavey Association of the Nenets  People.