Collective Agreement

GRI 102-41

Collective Agreement

Subsidiaries are gradually abandoning collective agreements due to the introduction of a common social policy, including a common list of benefits and procedures for their provision, since the new approach includes more guarantees and remunerations than subsidiaries’ individual collective agreements. In 2019, collective agreements continued to be valid at Arcticmorneftegazrazvedka JSC and Giprovostokneft JSC. Collective labor agreements cover 7.6% of the employees of the Group of companies.

Occupational Health and Industrial Safety

Priorities in the field of occupational health and industrial safety

The HSE and social responsibility policy is the main one for strategic planning and managing Zarubezhneft JSC’s current activities, setting and implementing goals, efficient monitoring and control, and continuous improvement of activities.

Recognizing its responsibility for a favorable environment, preservation of life, and the health and wellness of people, Zarubezhneft JSC undertakes the following obligations:

  • to pursue the Zero Goal, to prevent injuries, deterioration of human health, and environmental contamination;
  • to use natural resources, materials, and power in a reasonable and rational manner;
  • to respect the interests and rights of local populations in regions of its presence;
  • to comply with Russian and international laws, to fulfill its obligations to the local communities, state authorities, foreign and Russian business partners, and other stakeholders;
  • to constantly improve its occupational health, industrial safety, and environmental protection management system.