Corporate Culture

GRI: 102-16, 102-17, 103-1, 103-2

The potential for enhancing Company performance largely depends not only on positive dynamics of production indicators, but also on well-coordinated teamwork, functional interaction, and positive communications between employees, both within and outside the structural units, as well as in well-coordinated partnership with the external environment.

The Company pays considerable attention to its corporate ethics. Connected with this, 12 corporate interaction principles were developed and implemented in four areas, three principles in each, which reflect the desired behavioral indicators affecting the positive dynamics of both teamwork and efficient communication, and enhancing the Company’s performance as a whole.

The Integrated Program for Promotion of Corporate Cooperation Principles was approved in 2019 in order to develop and systematically implement the above efficient interaction principles.

In 2019, emphasis was put on attracting employees through round tables and business games, and about 400 of the Group’s employees took part in them during the year. The primary objectives of these activities were to develop expertise in interaction with peer colleagues, external environment, and subordinate employees, as well as to sharpen feedback skills. To ensure a smooth immersion into the Company’s culture, an interactive adaptation course on the corporate interaction principles was developed for newly recruited employees.

At present, project execution is not stagnant; progress will manifest with the introduction of these principles into the Company’s corporate life, so that they are not just observed and implemented in a directive manner, but become a good tradition and assist in achieving joint results, so that all employees become one team – a team characterized by strong cohesion and commitment to the Company’s common goals and values.