Rotation program and talented personnel pool

GRI 103-1

Rotation program and talented personnel pool

The Company created a Talented Personnel Pool and implements an in-house rotation program in order to retain and motivate key employees, develop the necessary expertise, and reduce the costs of personnel recruitment and onboarding.

The Talented Personnel Pool includes 134 of the Company’s most promising employees. Each of them is assigned a mentor from among the top managers.

During 2019, 23 employees from the Talented Personnel Pool were appointed to managerial positions, and 59 in-house employee transfers took place across Zarubezhneft Group.

For continual development of the Talented Personnel Pool, a modular training for the talent pool members is being implemented, hosted by the Company’s own School of Leadership and Managerial Potential Development. The School’s main tasks are to:

  • develop key promising employees;
  • improve governance and management culture;
  • enhance professional/business and personal qualities;
  • increase leadership potential and teamwork performance.

In the financial year, the School of Leadership and Managerial Potential Development had 129 talent pool members taking part in training events aimed at developing managerial skills and personal qualities, such as innovativeness in the Company management system, system thinking, cross-functional management, leader core values, and performance management. Programs for on-the-job development of managerial and corporate expertise were designed for additional development of the talent pool members and implementation of individual development plans; an electronic library was created for self-study and self-development purposes, providing users with the ability to browse books online and download them.